Retrospection…word feel heavy but it is not.

 Sit in your favorite corner with just yourself. I normally choose be in my balcony mat enjoying the breeze, soft noises of kids playing adding as tickling to your calmer mind. Tickling which you enjoy being with but also want to end. Letting the impulse to the calmer side taking over…. Close eyes.

Giving the sense to urself that it’s just you with all your memories chirping like birds in your head. Birds of most memorable moments…happiest ones… supplementing with anger, remorse.. many other which will also reflect on your face.  With some you just want to stay as long as you could and adversely others are overshadowing it. The more you want to be in it ….the more distortions you face. Be with it. Enjoy the distortions, fluctuations…switches………… moments of pride, sorrow and confusion. Live it the way you always wanted to live…changing the roles as you always wanted.

Gather the energy from your happy, empowered moments with a little click of smile …..take control of life and with the best belief of yourself………………………take a step forward for a new opportunity as New Day.  Good Morning J

See you another day with fondly with me J

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